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I am an ex-musician (mainly acoustic blues, though electric paid the bills towards the end nicely). I am now a working stiff with above average, yet still limited computer skills. I love linux and free software and have been playing with it since before Redhat and Fedora were separate entities. Currently, I LOVE Linux Mint, PCLOS, openSuse, and various other distros (yes, even slack). My aim in this blog is to point the potential linux convert in as easy a direction as possible. Again, I am not a geek, and I always look for distros that make it really really easy for windows users to take the plunge. As of right now, that would be Linux Mint 10.

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January 1, 2011 at 9:00 am

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Who I am and what I hope this will become

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Greetings and a very happy new year to all. Basically, I am a non-geek as compared to so many linux devotees. I have no knowledge of programming, avoid the command line whenever possible, and gravitate towards distros that work “out of the box” with my hardware, which currently includes an aging Compaq Presario desktop with an added nvidia 240 something or other graphics card and maxed out 4GB of memory, a Toshiba mid-range laptop with 4GB ram and nvidia graphics, and maybe my favorite little beast, an Acer Ferrari 11.6″ netbook on steroids that uses ATI Radeon graphics, also 4GB ram. All of these machines “just plain work” with my preferred distro, Mint 10 (not the one based on Debian).

What I’m getting at here is that my perspective on linux may be quite different than most, in that I see myself more as an average joe, with limited technical skills, trying to get the most out of whatever distro I may grapple with, with as little jumping through hoops as possible. Let me add that I have had at times over 30 distros installed, fully working and updated to the gills – all residing on my main two drives. The fact that I have close to 3TB in drive space (1.5TB or so devoted to collected music and video) still makes me agog in wonderment, as my first PC (a Tandy) had a 120MB hard drive and 4MB of ram, along with Windows 3.1.

Speaking of Windows, I’ll admit to actually rather liking Windows 7 Ultimate. I use it mainly for Netflix (when will they finally get their act together with that?!?!?!). But for everything else, I boot Mint or PCLOS or openSUSE or Fedora or Squeeze or Aptosid or… well there are just too many “ors” to fully delineate.

Oh, and for the cognoscenti that may see me as just a bit too dull to be able to, as time goes on here, review and maybe even offer intelligent advice on a given distro? I have and still do use Slackware (current). It’s insanely easy… I can’t imagine why some are still intimidated by it. Just because the installer is not “graphical” doesn’t mean it’s not doable by even a Windows person. And yes, I have compiled a kernel or several in my day. Way back in the RedHat 4 era, but it really isn’t necessary anymore.

Which brings us back to the real point of this blog. While linux may never usurp the evil empires that are MS and Apple, it remains a choice for those that choose not to kowtow to the corporate bullies (let me just add Oracle to that bunch). It is entirely possible to do ALL your computing on linux these days, provided you don’t need some bizarre and proprietary software to design those patterns the Nicaraguan children need to make their 28 cents a day. Oh yeah, and Netflix.

Until next time gentle reader, I remain claudecat.

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January 1, 2011 at 8:36 am

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