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As stated elsewhere on this still infant blog, I’m a linux user aiming to guide others towards linux, by way of reviews and general help from the perspective of a relative non-geek. I can’t write software, I want to be able to point and click for ALL fine tuning, and I want all my hardware to work out of the box, as they say.  As of today, and for the last 2-3 years, this is indeed possible.

Since this is the “about” page, I’ll further divulge that I’ll turn 50 in 4 days, spent  (or misspent) my youth playing mostly blues guitar for a living, and now work as a blue-collar dude for a major drug store chain here in the land of the allegedly free. My online persona has been some variation of claudecat for well over a decade now, due to my love of Warner Brothers cartoons and Claude Cat as a particularly neurotic and and obscure character… always being harassed by frisky puppies or mice that speak with Brooklyn-ese  accents. Claude never ever wins, and I can identify with that. Look for “Terrier Stricken” if you really decide you need to watch a great Claude Cat classic toon.

Other interests of mine include riding as many roller coasters as financially possible within my life span (over 100 so far) and the perfect enchilada… currently available only at a restaurant just north of Rochester, NY. Just ask and I shall divulge. They also make the best chili, but that might just overwhelm someone not used to truly great Mexican fare.

I also love mostly obscure music, though I am a huge fan of middle period Beatles stuff. My taste runs to everything from Bach to Katey Perry… with lots of jazz, blues, ragtime, bluegrass, western swing and god knows what else in between. I have like 400,000 mp3 files, ok? Actually most are flac now. At one time I owned over 5,000 LP’s (those plastic black things with little grooves in ’em). My -ex chose to dumpster all those upon my divorce several years ago – eschewing the over $10,000 they were worth, even back then. Oh yeah, she also somehow misplaced my vintage 1965 Mosrite guitar… currently over $5,000 on ebay.

Wow… that reads like venting. And I guess it is, but that’s my life. I focus on linux as a means towards a better life for all and perhaps some degree of lower profitability for Gates and Jobs, which would make me ever so happy. Yet, like Claude, I fully realize that this is patently impossible and will involve severe pain.

Claude out for now

Written by claudecat

January 1, 2011 at 8:36 am

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