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Well, I have attempted another egress into linux via linuxMint KDE. It did not work. After downloading the ISO and then updating/upgrading it as seemed logical, it exhibits the same “drop my wireless connection every few minutes, and then just plain refuse to connect” as all other linuxes have done in recent months. I am a saddened yet still hopeful and reluctant Windows 7 user at this juncture. I am still downloading and attempting to find joy in each and every new linux distro, only to be beaten down and disappointed by even such former stalwart and workable distros as openSUSE. Mint 10 gnome works but craps out internet-wise frequently, and then becomes frozen upon finally being able to apply all updates. Fedora works but is unable to cope with Compiz and Flash (64 bit) no matter what I do. Ubuntu with Unity? Complete trash.

At this point I am not ashamed to declare myself a W7 convert. As much as I want them to, no version of linux works on my hardware, and that is just plain sad. It’s not like my system is all that unusual (Compaq sr5510f desktop, upgraded ram and nvidia 240 video card). My wireless is an Atheros based TP-Link  USB deal, and worked really really well with almost all distros as of about a year ago.  The fact that all Debian based distros drop my wireless every few minutes is disconcerting. The fact that all other distros (aside from Puppy, Fedora and a few others) refuse to boot or work at all is just plain ridiculous. “Just plain works”?!?!?!? Yeah…. right. I’ll admit that I had to download some stuff to get W7 to work fully, but it was really simple and required NO command line magic.

Once again, I WANT linux to work! I do not enjoy using Bill’s inherently insecure software regularly. But almost every distro  of late is not worthy of consideration. Again, Grub2, Gnome3, Unity, and pure laziness are to blame. At a time when linux is making serious inroads on little bitty smart phones, desktop linux is eating its own hippo in so many ways. I’m gonna call it quits for this night… but comments are welcome (like anyone is reading this).

Written by claudecat

April 14, 2011 at 5:47 am

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  1. Did you try Mandriva yet? I also had some strange laptop that didn’t want to cooperate with any Linux distro, except Mandriva with KDE. It would also be great if you could file a bug report about your problem, so that developers know about it and can get it fixed.


    April 14, 2011 at 10:58 am

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